How do machines learn to understand us?

How do machines learn to understand us?The representatives of Innovative center "ISKRA" attended lecture "Neuroinformatics in an analysis of the texts" оn 17 August 2018 which was on site "Tochka Kipeniya” with the participation of Neuro Academy that is a project of the Industry union "NeuroNet".

The lecture was provided by Alexander Kharlamov, professor in the Department of Computer Science NRU HSE, employee of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS, director of Microsystems Ltd. He spoke on the bases of neuroscience and neuroinformatics, on the opportunities of modern text systems for the text data analysis using artificial intelligence, also on the development and perspectives of the Industry, algorithms and opportunities to engage in work on text analysis. Professor Kharlamov explained the main features of the text data analysis for participants using program system TextAnalyst.

Participants have been able to navigate the modern robotics directions and update knowledge of human psychophysiology. Participation in the thematic activities organized under the auspices of the Industry union "NeuroNet" allows specialists of Innovative center "ISKRA" to upgrade their skills and remain part of neurotechnological future.

How do machines learn to understand us?How do machines learn to understand us?How do machines learn to understand us?