Ufa Innovations Days Forum

Ufa Innovations Days ForumJuly 26-27, 2018 in Ufa was the largest forum in the Republic of Bashkortostan "Ufa Innovations Days", devoted to innovations, start-ups, technological developments and venture investments. This is a unique platform where founders of start-ups and innovators meet with successful entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives to discuss opportunities for partnership. For start-ups, this is a real opportunity to get an initial investment.

The event was attended by the founders of start-ups, interested in obtaining grants and investments for the completion of research and development, beginning technological and Internet entrepreneurs, active students who want to try themselves in the technology business, university researchers seeking opportunities for the commercialization of their developments, innovators and inventors who seek to bring their developments to the market, heads of small businesses in the field of high technology who want more intensive times Itijah their companies.

The event was organized by the State Committee of the Republic of Bashkortostan on Informatization and the functioning of the "Open Republic" system, one of the largest Russian accelerators of innovation and technology projects and start-ups "Guide to Innovation" and the Investment Club "Museum of Finance" - a group of like-minded people united by interests in investing and increase in capital.

Representatives of the Innovation Center "ISKRA" spoke at the forum with the presentation of their project "Sputnik", and besides that they themselves received valuable knowledge about conducting technological business in Russia, talked with speakers, experts, investors, start-ups, entrepreneurs and others interested in creating and developing business people.