The Innovation Center "ISKRA" representatives took part in the "Effective Sales System for Rehabilitation Goods" training.

The Innovation Center During the event, Sergey Profatilov, General Director of the consulting company GLOBALPAS, shared with the listeners the most relevant and effective to date tools and methods of selling rehabilitation goods.

Within the framework of the 2-day training, the specialists of the ISKRA Innovation Center Company received the following tools and skills:
- elucidation of the needs of state and commercial companies in the course of negotiations on the sale of rehabilitation goods;
- the ability to convince a key client of the need to purchase or approve a commercial offer;
- presentation of a proposal for cooperation;
- use of arguments that help defend their terms of the transaction and management of the negotiation process.

The key objectives of the training were:
- Increasing the level of knowledge and developing skills to build quality arguments in negotiations when interacting with state and commercial companies;
- opposition to the manipulation of customers and the use of tools to defend the terms of the transaction.

Upon completion of the training, the developers of the "multi-channel sensory information processing system for people with hearing and vision impaired" were awarded certificates for training under the "Effective Rehabilitation Sales System" program. The experience gained within the framework of the training will allow to build an effective sales system within the framework of the ISKRA Innovation Center projects at the commercialization stage.

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