14th international forum MedSoft-2018 «Medical information technologies»

14th international forum MedSoft-2018 «Medical information technologies»From 10th to 11th of April 2018 Expo center hosted 14th international forum MedSoft-2018 «Medical information technologies». The event was visited by doctors and management of Moscow and regional polyclinics, representatives and experts of MINZDRAV, ARMIT, State Duma and Federation council.

Companies, such as Microsoft, DIVISY Group, Smart Medicine and other were demonstrating their solutions during the exhibition. As well as our specialists of innovative center «Iskra» who also participated in this significant event.

On 10th of April, session «New opportunities of medical computer systems» started with the speeches of Heads of Polyclinics. They shared their experience of implementation of medical information systems and showed its economic efficiency. Heads of IT departments gave their opinions on convenience of electronic workflow in polyclinics, as well as discussed some sensitive issues regarding Law acts of Minzdrav of RF..

Michail Elyanov, the head of ARMIT, started the discussion «Law passed. What next? ». He expressed his opinions on urgent goals in electronic Medicine of RF and presented new project of ARMIT: Internet database «Who is who in Russian medical IT». Representatives and experts of Minzdrav, State Duma and Federation Council spoke about Legislation concerning Medical IT, explained its positive and negative aspects, and also proposed their ideas on legislation improvements.

On 11th of April 2018 meeting «Telemedicine- modern trends. Internet-medicine for doctor and patient» started with the speech of Oleg Karpov, the head of NMCH Pirogova. He shared his opinions on telemedicine and its future in Russia and opened a discussion on the major aspects of 242-Federal Law «About the changes in law acts of Russian Federation in terms of utilizing of Information Technologies in the health protection sector». After that, the developers of telemedicine platforms explained the near future of technology and had a discussion with representatives of various companies.

In the exhibition hall, the round table «How to receive grant on medical IT» took place. Representatives of Grantmakers, such as «Skolkovo Innovation center» the BIOMedicine cluster and techno park of Sechenov’s MGMU.

In the closing discussion of 14th international forum MedSoft-2018 «How telemedicine and internet changes the familiar face of medicine» all the major companies took a part. They spoke about legislation barriers that slows down the implementation of technologies and about perception of it by the patients.

Overall Forum helped the ongoing creation of integrated information environment in the sphere of development and implementation of medical IT. Assisted medical institutions in issues of computer systems, information standardization, integration of medical computer systems. Helped promoting new ideas and inventions!

14th international forum MedSoft-2018 «Medical information technologies»14th international forum MedSoft-2018 «Medical information technologies»14th international forum MedSoft-2018 «Medical information technologies»