Dmitry Polikanov: "Now the state gives the deafblind 40 hours of support per year. That is, to leave the house once a month, to stand in traffic and return back."

Dmitry Polikanov: The plot of the rubric "Big Country" on OTR Channel. Interview with Dmitry Polikanov, president of the charity fund for the support of deafblind "So-Edinenie".

For the first time in our country, a blind patient was restored to sight. Resident of Chelyabinsk transplanted the bionic retina of the eye. In fact - this is a complex electronic system, which consists of sensors, glasses and a computer.

Dmitry Polikanov: "Yes, indeed, it allows at least 50,000 people in our country who have problems with the retina, but at the same time everything is in order with the optic nerves, to be able to see and navigate in space. Of course, this will not be the same vision as we have with you, full-color, like a color TV, but at least these people will be able to see outlines, they will be able to see geometric figures, and with proper training - perhaps a rather large font. And for those who have not seen anything at all, this, of course, is a big step forward in terms of quality of life..."